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BINOstarBOT Mobile Observatory Phase One Features:

  • Uses TWO 1.2 Meter primary Parabolic Reflecting mirrors with 5080mm focal length @ f4.25
  • Provides 50,000 times the light gathering power of the human eye in 3D stereo vision!
  • Useful magnification of 140 to 2,000 times power
  • Employs automatic tracking/guiding capabilities
  • Automatic target acquisition which draws from a database of millions of objects
  • Satellite up link with real-time broadcasting worldwide of live images
  • Controllable from any location
  • Customers will enjoy a High Resolution display
  • Coupled with a High Resolution CCD camera
  • Learning modules targeted at students of all ages
  • Ease of use, and comfortable ergonomically designed user interface
  • The BINOstarBOT is safe for the observer
  • It is designed to comply with Safety Act Regulations and AEDARSA

BINOstarBOT Competitive Advantages

  • Experience and know-how of its owner/operator
  • Size, Power, and high performance of its 3D optical imaging system
  • BINOstarBOT will be mounted on an 18 foot trailer
  • Portability and mobility. “Build it and take it to them” philosophy
  • Affordability, both in its construction and cost to consumer
  • Low operational cost
  • Long term Life Cycle. (+25 years)


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