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Taking EXTREME Tele-photography to the next level... Video

The videos presented here were shot using Dave's 8" Celestron telescope with a small Canon camera mounted on the eye-piece. Videos were captured in various light and weather conditions and at distances ranging from 20 metres to 20 kilometres from the targets and, of course, much farther than that for astronomical subjects.

It has been a long and cumbersome journey to achieve the results that we are presenting here . Not so long ago there wasn't really a practical way to capture video using the telescope as a telephoto lens. Recent improvements in digital technology have made it possible for just about anyone to go out and shoot video with their pocket sized digital camera. That said, being able to take advantage of today's technology we aren't limited to taking pictures of just astronomical subjects but can now look much closer to home. So, now we can observe nature from much greater distances without disturbing the subjects. Therefore, acquiring images and video footage of wildlife behaving as they would in our absence is much easier.

Keeping this in mind, the videos that you can see here have been shot with Dave's C8 telescope. Now, the BINOyelo starBOT will produce results that are 35 times the quality. Not only will the imaging results be extremely impressive but we will be able to achieve them from distances as far as the eye can see. Seriously!

Click on a THUMBNAIL to open a video.

bird   bunnie
bunnies   control_tower
building   flag

moon   moon
moon   race
F_18   bird

crow   bluebird
bird   bluebird
fireworks   fireworks

bird   tower_crane
bunnie   bird
duck   duck

bird   loons
bird   hawk
helicopters   moon

ferris_wheel   refinery
fireworks   ferriswheel
fireworks   fireworks

moon   moon
moon   moon
moon   moon

moon   moon
blue_bird   blue_bird
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