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Company History (where the idea came from)

While working as a Telescope Operator for the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria B.C., Star Dude (David Gibney) became aware of a project the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Victoria chapter - had implemented. They commissioned a trailer-mounted 20" telescope that an associate of David's, Leo Vanderbyl, constructed. At the time Star Dude had envisioned a similar idea that is now BINOstarBOT.

Until recently, instruments of this nature were developed and constructed by avid Amateur Telescope Makers (ATMs), usually in their home shop or garage, with a limited budget. The typical instrument built is about 24" in aperture, with the largest being 40", and that was done by an astronomy club. Now, the majority of components, especially the optics, are available off-the-shelf at a reasonable cost. The best part though, is that the observer using BINOstarBOT will enjoy the view DAY or NIGHT in complete comfort and safety, with no stiff neck, or risk of falling off a tall ladder in the dark.

BINOstarBOT will also benefit from modern robotic technology, enabling the user to access a large data base of Astronomical objects, and then be able to GOTO them with the assistance of BINOstarBOT's automated control system.

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