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Star Dude Enterprises Inc. is a new business based in Edmonton, Alberta that will provide affordable access to the most powerful portable visual imaging system in the world. BINOstarBOT will provide the observer with a safe, fun, educational "viewpoint vista" or Astronomical experience, having been ergonomically designed to provide the user with the utmost in comfort and ease of use.

Indeed, the BINOstarBOT will be a showcase example of Alberta's advanced technological achievement and ingenuity. The time is right for BINOstarBOT; there are suppliers in the marketplace for the first time that are able to fabricate key components of this machine for a reasonable cost. Technology exists now that makes BINOstarBOT feasible and cost effective by using off-the-shelf components. It is now possible to build this mobile observatory for a fraction of what it would have cost, 20 years ago, when this idea was first conceived.

Ownership and Management

Star Dude Enterprises Inc. is a corporation that owns and operates the BINOstarBOT, under David A. Gibney's management.

Marketing Opportunities

BINOstarBOT will enjoy a market niche' void of any direct competition. Currently there are no other instruments of this kind in operation, and BINOstarBOT will be patented, so the possibility of any similar instruments or competition is unlikely. There are five target markets that the BINOstarBOT intends to serve, in order of relevance and potential:

star   Tourism + Amusement
star   Alberta Learning
star   Ideal for funding events
star   Digital Imaging and Video/Film production
star   Search + Rescue, Police, Investigation, Security, Wildlife Management, and Geomatics

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