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Bino-Bot is the world's largets Mobile Binocular Robotic Telescope and Imaging System

BINOyelo starBOT changes the way the world looks at the night time sky, nature's beauty and distant objects of interest. It allows the general public, students/teachers and researchers to observe and capture digital photographs or video of distant objects DAY or NIGHT.

"World's most powerful Edu-Tainment tool"
David A. Gibney
President of Star Dude Enterprises Inc.
Inventor of BINOyelo starBOT


BINOyelo starBOT was invented by David A. Gibney, President of Star Dude Enterprises Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Star Dude Enterprises Inc. intends to build one full size BINOyelo starBOT prototype that will be a powerful, technically advanced imaging system.

It will have the capability of providing meaningful astrophysical research, long range tele-photography, film and video production, wild-life spotting and search & rescue.

The BINOyelo starBOT will safely and comfortably allow one observer at a time, to view in real time, while the waiting public can watch the currently viewed object on a high resolution, large format display or with a pair of 3D goggles.

In addition, a handful of smaller telescopes will be on site for the customer to enjoy as well.

"Stargazer aims bright idea at the sky"
Edmonton Journal - October 4th, 2004

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